San Diego Chiropractor – Symptoms are only warning signs not the definition of health.

It has been a few months since my last post; wow does the time go by.  I can’t believe that we are half way through 2012 this year is flying by.  I don’t know about you but up to this point 2012 has been a great year.  As a San Diego Chiropractor I really enjoy educating my practice members on how to be healthy.  If I were to go out into the public right now and ask 100 people what health meant to them, I would get all different types of answers.  But the most common would probably be something like free of disease or not being in pain.  My response when I hear that is always the same.  Lets say that you have a guy that feels healthy and is free of disease one day, but the next day has a heart attack and dies.  Was that person healthy?  Of course they weren’t but they had no symptoms and did not fee sick.  This is the problem with our society we are taught that if we are free of symptoms then we are healthy.  This could not be further from the truth.  True health is how your body is functioning.  What controls the healthy function of your body?  That’s right your nervous system.  Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and the spinal nerves that exit the spine.  As a San Diego Chiropractor the nervous system is what concerns me the most.  If the nervous system is free of any interference your body will function optimally, but if there is interference in the communication between the brain and the body then you will get sick or develop symptoms.  Our San Diego Chiropractors have the ability to detect and correct these interferences that occur in the body.   San Diego Chiropractors refer to this condition as a Subluxation.  A Subluxation is a fancy word for nervous system interference that is limiting the body from functioning optimally.

Lets talk more about the Subluxation condition.  More than likely you have never heard of this condition.  But it is as common as cavities are in the teeth.  Actually there are a lot of similarities between cavities and Subluxation.  In my San Diego Chiropractic office we find it essential to educate our practice members on the devastating affects of Subluxation to the human body.  There is only one cause of Subluxation, stress.  Stress affects the body in many ways but the main ones that we notice are from physical, chemical, and mental stress.  We talk about these three main stressors on a daily basis in our San Diego Chiropractic office.  Lets take each one and break it down.  Physical stress is just what it sounds like and the most common reason for someone to visit our San Diego Chiropractic office.   Physical stress would be an injury, a fall, car accident, sports injury, poor posture, sitting for long periods of time, lifting improperly, to name a few.  Chemical stressors occur from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the liquids we drink.  These stressors can create issues within our nervous system and eventually symptoms.  The last is mental stress, this is caused by work, financial, family stressors and these continual stressors can really lead to negative trauma to the nervous system and also lead to symptoms.  Individually these stressors can be harmful to the body but when they are compounded together they can be disastrous.

In our San Diego Chiropractors office we teach our practice members not to wait for these stressors to take affect as symptoms but to be proactive and take care of them before you feel the affects.  Symptoms are the way for the body to let you know that things are really getting bad; it’s far too late by then.  San Diego Chiropractic care should be an essential part of your health care like eating and exercising.  If you have an optimally functioning nervous system then you will have an optimally functioning body.  Who would not want that?

I really hope that this short blog will help you make the right decision to get your spine checked today and get on the road to better health.  Give our San Diego Chiropractic office a call today at 858-564-7081.  We invite you to take advantage of our first time patient offer for only $37.  Visit our San Diego Chiropractic office at 6904 Miramar Rd Ste. 214 in sunny San Diego CA, 92121.  We look forward to meeting you!