San Diego Chiropractor – Chiropractors are more than just neck pain and low back pain specialists

Being a San Diego Chiropractor I believe that it is important to educate my practice members on a regular basis.  We will have a specific topic each week.  Topics in the past have been on nutrition, benefits of exercise, headaches, back pain, whiplash injuries, just to name a few.  This weeks’ topic is on neck pain.  Most people realize that a San Diego Chiropractor can help someone with neck pain, but they really have no idea how chiropractic care is beneficial.  Now before I tell you more on how chiropractic care is beneficial for neck pain lets go over a few stats on neck pain.

There was a recent study done on neck pain.  What they did was break up the group into two different categories.  The first category was medical care (using medication or home exercises).  The second group was chiropractic care.  The study was done over a 12-week period.  Following the 12-weeks; the group under chiropractic care showed twice as much improvement to traditional medical care.  This study was a big win for Chiropractic it showed that the benefits of chiropractic outweighs traditional medical care, for neck pain.  The typical medical protocol for neck pain is anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and possibly pain killers.  If that does not work then the person is referred to physical therapy.  But even physical therapists do not have the education on the specific spinal analysis that chiropractors use.  The analysis is key to determining the cause of the pain or symptom.  Our San Diego Chiropractors have the ability to find the cause of the pain or symptom and correct the damage to allow you to feel better.

Most people have no idea what a San Diego Chiropractor really does.  If you were to ask someone on the street they would probably tell you something like, they crack backs or help with back pain.  What San Diego Chiropractors really do has nothing to do with cracking backs at all.  Let me tell you a little about what our San Diego Chiropractors specialize in.  We specialize in improving the function of your nervous system.  You may not know this but your nervous system controls every aspect of your body.  Your heart, lungs, stomach, muscles, hormones, reproductive system, and all other systems are 100% controlled by the nervous system.  Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and the delicate spinal nerves that exit the spine.  The nervous system is completely encased in bone from the skull to the individual spinal bones.  As you can see if the nervous system is completely encased in bone it must be pretty important.  This is very important to our San Diego Chiropractors.  The reason is that if one or more of these spinal bones go out of their normal alignment, pressure will be put on the delicate nerves exiting the spine.  As pressure persists on the nerves symptoms begin to develop these can include, pain, numbness or tingling, muscle weakness, lung issues, immune system dysfunction, or digestive issues to name a few.  As a San Diego Chiropractor with our specific analysis of the spine we can detect and correct these spinal misalignments.  Thus removing pressure to the spinal nerves and restoring function to the nervous system.  Once function is restored to the nervous system the body then has the ability to heal naturally and your symptoms subside.  Doesn’t that sound so much better than having to take a medication for the rest of your life!

Our San Diego Chiropractic doctors are spine specialists.  So even though we see patients that have neck pain, low back pain, arm and leg tingling or numbness, and headaches we feel it is important that our patients understand that the pain is only a symptom of the true issue that is spinal damage.  Once our San Diego Chiropractors have fully analyzed your spine we then give you a recommended plan of action to alleviate your pain and get you healthy again.  Our specialty is not just San Diego neck pain specialist rather a full spine approach to healing.

If you have been to other doctors, taken medication, gone through physical therapy, and you are not seeing the results that you want; our San Diego Chiropractic office is what you may need.  Give our San Diego Chiropractic office a call at 858-564-7081!

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