San Diego Chiropractor – The Importance Of A Healthy Functioning Nervous System

Just the other day I was going over the progress result of a re-exam with a practice member that has been with me for a few months, in my San Diego Chiropractic office.  I was showing her how the function of her nervous system is improving nicely.  In my San Diego Chiropractor office we measure nervous system function by a computerized EMG test.  EMG stands for electromyography, this is a measure of how the muscles along the spine are functioning.  The nerves exiting the spine are directly related to the function of the muscles in the body.  The more tone in the muscles the more dysfunction the nervous system is showing.  This is an objective analysis that our San Diego Chiropractic office we show the improvement on a functional level rather than a subjective level.  Just because someone feels good does not necessarily mean that they are functioning normally.  We know this because we have all known someone who we thought was completely healthy free of any symptoms die of a heart attack.  This is a perfect example of why we do not want to live a life of reactive health rather than living a life of proactive health.   In our San Diego Chiropractor office we educate our practice members on the importance of the body functioning optimally not just feeling good.

Now back to my story of going over the re-exam with my practice member.  Initially she came in to our San Diego Chiropractor office for low back pain.  She was having constant low back pain and it was getting worse when I initially met with her.  At the time of the re-exam her low back pain was completely gone.  She was back to exercising full time and was doing the things that she loved again.  But what I didn’t know had improved until she told me was her digestive issues.  She had been suffering from digestive problems since she was a teenager.  She had been to every specialist, changed her diet, and had tried every medication under the sun.  Nothing was helping her with her digestive problems.  She mentioned to me that she had no digestive issues for the last two weeks.  She asked if there might be any link to what we had been doing for her low back.  I told her absolutely, and here is the reason why.  Our San Diego Chiropractors work specifically with the nervous system.  The nervous system controls every aspect of your body including your digestive system.  Guess what nerves control the healthy function of your digestive system?  That’s right the nerves exiting the lower back.  The nerves in her lower back were being pinched so much that it was blocking the communication to her digestive organs.  As this progressed symptoms started to develop.  Once the symptoms started she went to her physician to find out what was going on.  They never could find out what was happening.  It wasn’t their fault they were just looking in the wrong area.  When she came to our San Diego Chiropractor office we looked in the right area and found the cause of not only her back pain but we also were able to resolve her digestive issues.

Let me give you an example of what normally happens in our Health care system compared to what we do in our San Diego Chiropractor office.  Lets say that you have a garden and you have an irrigation system that constantly waters your garden everyday.  You notice one day that the plants are starting to not look healthy.  So you decide that maybe some bugs are damaging your plants so you put something on the plants to kill the bugs (organic of course).  You notice that it doesn’t work, so then you start to prune the plants and remove any weeds surrounding the garden, and this will definitely help.  That doesn’t work either.  Wait you figure it out the soil needs more fertilizer to help the plants flourish.  That still doesn’t work, you then have a garden specialist come over and they cannot figure it out.  Now you are really stumped.  All you had to do was to take a look at the irrigation system and you would notice that the hose had a kink in it and the garden was not getting enough water.  This may seem like a crazy example but this is what is happening in our Health Care System everyday.  It sounds ludicrous right.  Of course you would be able to tell if there was no water going to the garden.  But this a perfect analogy of how your body works.  The nervous system is what controls the healthy function of your body.  If there is a kink in your nervous system the messages sent from the brain (your master controller over the entire body) will not be able to communicate with the body.  If you decrease the communication your body will become sick or exhibit symptoms.  This is how our San Diego Chiropractor office educates our practice members of the importance of having a healthy functioning nervous system.

As a San Diego Chiropractor it is my job to detect and correct the kinks in your nervous system.  San Diego Chiropractors refer to this condition as Vertebral Subluxation Complex or Subluxation for short.  Once the Subluxations are detected our San Diego Chiropractor can work on correcting the Subluxations.  Depending on the how long the Subluxations have been damaging the spine and nervous system will depend on the timeline for correction.  Our San Diego Chiropractors are specifically trained to analyze your spine and give you the best options for corrections.

If you are sick and tired of suffering from back pain, taking medications, getting injections, or just not getting the answers you need and want, give our San Diego back pain office a call and give us the opportunity to help you.  We invite you to our San Diego Chiropractic office at 6904 Miramar Rd Ste. 214 in sunny San Diego CA, 92121.  We look forward to meeting you!